We specialize in website design for clients by creating fresh & innovative looking websites, keeping up with current website trends which is especially relevant because of the constant change that exists in technology today and the way we utilize it.

Situated in Pretoria - Gauteng, we are able to cater for various clients throughout South Africa.

No matter how big or how small a Company is we are there to assist everyone with their individual needs for a great looking Website.

We go out of our way to try and find solutions to client requests, even if it falls out of our scope of what we usually offer our clients in addition our to website design.

Our website design consists of a great variety of options on offer to our clients, working out quotations and pricing according to individual needs of clients and their budget.

We streamline the process of you getting your company's own website so that you have peace of mind to grow your business and that you are visible on the Net. With fully integrated SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Sitemaps and the ability for Google to crawl your website, we make sure that your website is reachable through generic website searches on Search Engines such as Google & Bing for example.

Primo Media is all about exceptional customer service and we are passionate about what we do in the website design industry for our clients.

Most of all, we are best known for our great prices, excellent quality of our work and unbeatable service for 10 out of 10 customer satisfaction.


Our main areas of expertise


We design interactive website products. Creating websites that are fully integrated which function the same on Desktop PC's, Tablets & Smart Phones.


All our websites are designed to be optimal to ensure that visitors who access your site from any device such as Desktop PC's, Tablets & Smart Phones  have an experience optimized for the platform they use.


Lots of websites and use Google Maps APIs to power location experiences for their users. We integrate your Business with Google so that your location stands out on your website. Knowing where to find you is a big step forward your company's visibility.